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Vivian Malpass
International, Inc.
e-mail: [email protected]

(phone) 330-342-1120
(fax) 330-342-1134


Industrial Experience: 1960-1996:

4 years with Midland Silicones Ltd., Barry, S. Wales, UK
Silicone polymer characterization and testing

18 years with Borg–Warner Corporation, Washington, WV
ABS, ABS/PC, impact modifiers for PVC, structure-to-properties, product and process development, characterization and testing

3 years with Rohm & Haas Corporation, Bristol, PA
Structure-to- properties, Acrylic plastic and PVC impact modifier product evaluation, melt rheology center, high heat PVC modifier evaluation

9 years with Ferro Corporation, Independence, OH
Directed Corporate R&D on filled and reinforced PP and engineering thermoplastics, impact modified engineering thermoplastics and Advanced Composites. General Manager of Engineering Thermoplastic Division.

2 years with Macromeric Division of Furon Corporation. Aurora, OH
Directed technology development to support Furon Divisions, fluoropolymer evaluation and development, FR polyolefins, TPV custom compounding, TPU evaluation and development.

3 years with Plasticolors Thermoplastic Specialty Product Division.
Production of custom colored TPVs and polyolefins, specialty TPEs, color concentrate development

Consulting Experience: 1996-

New business opportunity analysis for petrochemical company
Improving PP molded product performance for US custom injection molder

Business assessment of new modifier products for major US modifier producer

Technical performance evaluation of a specialty TPE for major US modifier producer

Performance evaluation and market introduction of liquid release and wear reducing additive for major US chemical and polymer producer

Assessment of new growth opportunities for custom color house

Technology licensing in the US and new product introduction for Finnish technology development company

Introduction of TPEs to custom injection molder and selection and sourcing of TPEs for specific applications and molding trouble shooting

Market introduction of impact modifiers into N.American market for major Brazilian producer

US customer assessment of potential new TPV products from Brazilian producer

Performance evaluation and market introduction of a new block copolymer TPE for Japanese modifier producer

Technical performance and market assessment of a mineral additive for use in thermoplastics and elastomers for a US mineral producer

"Linking Technology to the Marketplace"